Golden knight

“We are committed to provide Quality Unani and Ayurvedic medicinal formulations!!!”


“We always believe in Quality”
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"Unique formulations of rare and precious herbs that works as a natural HEALTH and SEX enhancer"
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Our objective is to make people Healthy and Happy !!!
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One of the oldest system of medicine is now the Latest form of Relief !!!
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Golden Knight

Sex power Unani/Ayurvedic Medicine

Golden Knight has got all that a man wants from a health supplement. It is a successful and unique formulation of rare and precious herbs that works as a natural sex enhancer.

Its unique formulation helps in resolving all of your sex related problems and makes your married and sex life more enjoyable and fulfilled.

Golden Knight works as Unani herbal tonic which gives you completely satisfactionof your sexual problems. Golden Knight has been in development for over 5 years and was very effective in improving sexual disabilities like Erectile Dysfunction, Low Libido, Impotency, low sperm count etc. It contains a special blend of natural herbs and extracts which are act as natural sex enhancers or aphrodisiacs.


Clients Testimonials

Read what our customers / Patients / medical practitioners say about our products and success they have achieved in treatments.

“I see a huge difference right away”

I started using “GOLDEN KNIGHT” for my local as well as foreigner patients especially Russian when one of the Medical Representative from Advanced Pakiza Unani detailed about this product. “GOLDEN KNIGHT” is the Unani /Ayurvedic blend of more than 25 purely natural ingredients and very much effective for treating “Erectile Dysfunction”, “Premature Ejaculation”, “Lower Libido”, “Infertility” cases. Using 15gm OD dose with milk before 2 hours of intercourse is very effective for premature ejaculation. Using 10gm daily with milk up to 3-4 months is very effective for treating infertility cases.

- Dr. Sagar Vete (Madgao Goa)

“Live LIFE to your fullest NATURALLY!!”

I am a 37 year old guy, previously suffering from Erectile dysfunction which have ruined my marital life. I have gone through number of products but all in vain, then my friend asked me to try for Advanced Pakiza Unani’s for their product called Golden Knight, it has solved my problem in which I have been stuck for such a long duration. Loads of Thanks to Advanced Pakiza Unani, who made my life, live. If you too have been facing similar problem, it is time to address and get advice on your case. NATURE IS FOR EVERYONE!!

- Mr. A.P. Pawar( Mumbai)

“Experience” change with nature, Try out Once!!

Golden Knight, an Herbal supplement of Advanced Pakiza Unani is very much effective with regard to Erectile dysfunction (ED) and male infertility problems. Its been six months now I am prescribing the same for the respective patients, with the effect of the product and response from the patients I am forced to have a regular order of the product for my patients . For the best results, I recommend you to try it and feel the change in immunity and sexual health.

- Dr. Hakeem K. Sajjad Khan (Bangalore, Karnakata)

“Thank you for creating an all natural alternative”

I came across Advanced Pakiza Unani’s the “
GOLDEN KNIGHT”, being a Unani practitioner I have been prescribing this product since from last 1 year and till date I have treated hundred’s of my patient with sexual complaints including “Premature Ejaculation”, “Poor performance in terms of timing” etc. For few of my patient I have tried this product for treating infertility, I got excellent result from “
GOLDEN KNIGHT” in terms of improving sperm count. I am giving daily 10 gm OD dose at night for up to 3 month for treating infertility cases.

-Dr. Hakeem Takmili (Pune Maharashtra)